Drain Field Construction Repair

Drain Field

Drain Field Construction Repair

Drain Field Construction

When it comes time for a brand new drain field installation, people should call the professionals. Sure, it may look like it is fairly easy. Hook up a few pipes to the septic tank, make sure that they are on a slight downward slope and then bury them and the other corrugated pipes out in the yard. If that is what people think, then they are not correct. There is a lot more to properly installing a drain field.
Unless you want to have to call in a professional plumber to repair the previous work, make sure that you hire a qualified, licensed and insured plumber the first time. The cost of replacing or repairing an existing drain field can go up substantially because now the plumbing company has to come in and dig up the old, bad work. They will have to take all of the used materials and dispose of them. More costly, however, is the fact that they will have to dig up the soil around the old drain field and test it. They will not be able to just take that soil and dump it anywhere, they will have to test if it is saturated with biologic waste and make sure that it is disposed of in the correct and lawful manner.

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