Michigan Septic Tank Cleaning Services


Michigan Septic Tank Cleaning Services

Michigan Septic Tank Cleaning Services

Kendall Septic Services is all about customer service, and when it comes to your drain fields why would YOU trust anyone else. Again Kendall Septic Services is an all purpose all Service sewer and drain company here to serve you.The drain fields is where liquid from the septic tank flows through pipes in your yard for final treatment by organisms in the soil. Grass and/or shallow-rooted plants are the best covers for your drain field.

Don’t park cars and trucks on the drain field or septic tank. Also, don’t install driveways, patios, carports, decks, storage sheds, sports courts, landscaping plastic, and/or allow animals to graze. These activities pack soil and may lead to pipes breaking.

Your yard should also have a “reserve area” which is where your replacement rainfall will be located if your drain field fails. This is another reason why you should always trust Kendall Septic Services for all your Drain Field Needs.

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